Tom's 3800SC buildup


Tom had taken his car to a very reputable shop in the Dallas area in April. The shop however specialized in LT1ís and LS1ís. They didnít respond to Tomís request very well, so Tom had heard I install 3800SC engines. He decided I should build up the motor and custom install all the toys in the motor. Here are the items I installed.


Heads > 2002 6k heads

Intense Head gaskets > these are ultra nice head gaskets

ZZP VS Cam > Nice mild cam

ZZP intake and InterCooler > Well, I am partial to the ZZP unit since they have helped me so much.

ZZP Stage 4 blower with hard coated rotors > nice, very nice.

RAT throttle body > Not big enough for the Stage 4 blower (75.5mm)

Custom Fuel rails > Low profile and fit is excellent.

SLP headers > I prefer TOGís, but these were ok.

Transmission cooler > needed for the racing that will be done.

IC heat exchanger > some small radiator ZZP came up with.

ZZP 2.8 DUB style pulley > 8 rib pulley.

ZZP Under drive water pump pulley > wide enough for the 8 rib



Pics of the IC heat exchanger, transmission cooler, IC pump, and general placement of parts.

If you would like me to work on your Grand Prix or any 3800NA/Supercharged car, please call or send an email to .