Loyde's Personal 88 Formula Project started 09-01-04 with completion target 09-15-04

88 Chassis to start with:

2004 Series III 3800 SuperCharged engine with 5243 miles...


Body Features...

Features Misc...

New modification for low mount

This is plugging the water pump housing and intake outlet for the heater core support. The 87 and 88 cars have a return from the heater core to the right side coolant tube. I modify the thermostat housing with the heater core output spigot support.


Update for 09-05-04

New 99+ low mount alternator clearance and alignment.

Newest T-Stat housing without heater core support.

This shows the new 99+ alt being used in a low mount solution

Here is the oil fill still on the same side from the factory.

Stock exhaust crossover and trunk side valve cover area. Went back to using the stock exhaust on this install to save time redesigning the SLP Grand Prix headers to work. Also, this engine is starting out stock internally and being replaced with another engine making significantly more horsepower.

Little paint on the engine compartment.

The exhaust you see in these pictures I did not build. It was a previous customers build, so I just used it for the short term to get the car running by Sept 20th 2004. I have ported some stock manifolds and getting those Jet-Hot coated.

You go from this >>

To this fine install in a Fiero.


These pics below are just after installing and starting for the first time.




Note the ignition key location in the Grand Prix. I will have something like this using the Camaro SS dash installed to the Fiero

Note the Paddle shifter "TAP Shift" on the Grand Prix steering wheel. I will be using buttons mounted in the center console acting as the TAP Shift up and down.

1250 flawless miles to date (11-11-04). Ice cold AC now working....

Center console mounted Upshift and Downshift buttons. The passkey 3+ ignition switch mounted also.