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Projects done by Loyde Rascoe @ FastFieros  --  Like always, it's the engineering details that really do matter..

Updated 05-10-09


Low Mount 3800 ALT!

Low mounts in stock today. Newest design has tension belt assembly, cleaned, and blasted. 

These are my completed projects to date, and some that I have helped with in 2008 since I did not do any installs in 2008. I want to thank everyone that has allowed me to work on their cars to date, and my future customers. I enjoy installing these hybrid engines and transmissions to the Fiero. I study and learn the OBDII computer systems, the wiring aspects, and how hardware support will be maintained.

2009 projects:

This >>>>>   +++++ the below LSx series engines.. that gives you a nice 6 speed transmission rated to 400HP stock in a high HP - high torque application.


Hydra-Matic 2008 6T75 (MY9) FWD Six Speed FWD Automatic Transaxle

2008 projects:

Don in WI putting a L92 427 cu in small block in a Fiero with a beautifully done IMSA body. CLICK HERE to see the build up

  CLICK HERE <<<<<>>>>>>>>>

Bob in Texas putting an LS1 I sold him in a Fiero Formula

Loyde's LS1 on a 4T65eHD

2007 projects. I had hope to finish one more, but too many smaller projects and my mill breaking down has not helped in getting things done.

Nelson T from SC ....

         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CLICK HERE  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Viggo B from Settle Washington: 3800SC Series III < CLICK HERE TOO SEE THE FULL INSTALL PICTURES >


Harry F from Florida: 3800SC Series II with intercooler, conversion manual to automatic




Buff P from Texas: 3800SC Series II with Intercooler, Cam, and more updates to come




Some of the 2006 installs below

Tom K visits my shop again with the 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Wow, I installed a LS6 on a 4T65eHD for him. Check out the build, and Fiero folks, it coming to a 88 GT near me...<CLICK HERE> 


Greg G 85GT converted to a 308 Ferrari with a 3800SC and 4T65eHD automatic
Lots of details and pics < CLICK HERE > or on the picture

Robert P 86 GT converted to 355 Ferrari with 3800SC and 4T5eHD automatic
Lots of details and pics < CLICK HERE >


Some of the 2005 installs below

Will M 88 Formula coupe 5 speed GETRAG Stage 2 ZZP Intercooler  < CLICK HERE > MORE PICS and details on next page

Kevin S 87 SE/GT 3800SC automatic < Click Here > MORE PICs and details

This car was taken to the drag strip and ran a 7.73 in the 1/8th mile. The time translates to about 12.009 in the 1/4 mile. This engine is still on the stock camshaft, and street tires.


Loyde's personal Fiero project - 3800SC Series III with ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) and paddle shifter transmission from 2004 Grand Prix... The FIRST and only Fiero with a 3800 SuperCharged ETC engine and paddle shift control transmission. This car features also PassKey 3+ security system.

    See all the details here <<< CLICK HERE >>>

Matt Jackson - Idaho 88 Formula "special wiring project" going showcar !  88 Formula 5 speed 3800SC

Harold Wholf - Clebrune Texas 85 Fiero GT converted to 3800SC and Fbody interior

Harold purchased the car from me. He then went with the 3800SC turnkey install. After that was finished, Harold installed the F body interior and completely rebuilt the suspension system. Now, the car is under going a Ferrari 308 rebody install.

Loyde ( FastFiero's ) personal 88 GT 5 speed (built July 2003) - PrinceTon Texas

88 GT Engine buildup for the White 88 GT <Click Here> for details  ( NEW 06-21-04 pics )

88 GT 5 speed engine install  < Click Here for details > 

88 GT 5 speed IC install

Customer updated ICCU install - NICE job Mark!   

Customer "thank you" email letter       projects/ICinstall/mark_3800sc.txt

I built this car to be a street car. The 5 speed is fun on the streets, but it is not a drag race car. The GETRAG with its cable actuation is just to slow to speed shift, and the ratios in the transmission are not right for 1/4 mile stuff. This has a best of 26MPG with 24MPG in the city. The engine is ported, balanced, and highly modified. I love to drive this car.

Every picture I could find about the build of this car. Some never seen before posted here. < CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS >>>

Mark Parsons 88 GT 5 speed - Durham North Carolina Marks 3800SC in a 88 GT 5 speed

This car was shipped in from California for the 3800SC conversion. Mark has owned a couple of Fieros in the past and really wanted a Silver 88 GT. As I do more and more custom harness, I get better and faster at it. Marks is a basic install, but my standard quality of work I put into the conversion process. (Update 03-15-04) This car was sold to Bill in Michigan. Mark's girlfriend became ill. they needed to move to provide better care for her. Good luck Mark !

> <Dan M 86 GT 5 speed - Madison Wisconsin 02-15-04 SEE IT HERE

This 86GT was picked up by me in WI. I then converted this car from an automatic to the GETRAG 5 speed with a nice NEW 3800sc Series III engine. Dan flew in Thursday April 15th 2004 to DFW airport and drove the car to LongView Texas, Little Rock Arkansas, then on to Madison WI for a total of over 1900 flawless miles. Enjoy the car Dan !

Low Mount Alternator setup 3800SC - < Check it out here >

This low mount alternator setup gets the alt down low, and eliminates the cutting of the decklid. It just plain looks better up top without it being there.

Miscellaneous 2.8 and 3.4 projects

FastFieros personal 87 GT 5 Speed car in 2003

Miscellaneous 3800SC IC install to a Grand Prix project

Tom Kilgo 2001 Grand Prix IC Install






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