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88 GT White 5 speed GETRAG transmission.

Car has a 375HP 3800SC installed. No frame damage. Texas only car, so no rust.

Key Benefits


The big change to this car July 20th - 31st

Updated 07-30-03

750 actually flawless miles so far on the 3800SC engine. Gets lots of attention on the streets. So I have a best of 20MPG with my heavy foot. All in town driving.

Changes installed at time of interior. 08-15-03

UPDATE 09-08-03

1274 miles since all new rebuild of this car. Best gas mileage is 24MPG city. Still no major highway driving to check long distance MPG's.

UPDATE 09-30-03

1800 miles 24 MPG most all the time, 28MPG on a 300 plus highway mile trip.

UPDATE 10-03-03

We have a decklid now  :)

UPDATE: 10-23-03

Wow, today is a sad day for me. My car sold and went to Florida. Mark K will make a great new owner however. I know he will take care of the car. It sold as pictured above with the 18 inch wheels. Man this car was fast. I loved this car.


Things not installed on the car but thought I would some day.

Just more pictures of this car while I was building and changing things around.



Description Engine Price
88 GT 5 speed sold as is 3800SC $18,000
No options needed